~La Petite Morte~ – Winterstock and New Releases!

Winter is well on it’s way and here at ~La Petite Morte~ we are ready to get warm and cozy with all of you at Winterstock – a sim dedicated to the beauty of winter time! We are set up with some new releases for you all to enjoy, alongside many of Second Life’s most talented creators!  Winterstock is at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Merry%20Christmas/114/219/22, waiting for you, beginning on November 5th!


The Snow Day Photo Set is the perfect setup for all those fun winter shots! Complete with snowy trees, rolling hills, and even a fun sled – pose included – this 7 prim wonder is sure to make you feel warm and cozy inside – despite all that fluffy white stuff! For only 300L, you can enjoy winter at home any time!


And, for all your fancy winter party needs, the Electria gems are the perfect unique accessory to set you apart from all those other seasonal socialites. Available in Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond, these fanciful goodies are available for 100L each, or 250L for a fatpack of all three colors.


And of course, winter being the season for some heavy duty photo-taking, what wintry wall would be complete without some gorgeous holiday frames? ~La Petite Morte~ now offers a set of three frames – square, oval, and hexagon – all dolled up for the season – the perfect complement to any decor.

We hope that you will come and see us and enjoy the beautiful sight that is Winterstock! And of course, you can come visit us anytime at our mainstore, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gypsy/70/138/25.


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