~La Petite Morte~ Special Easter Release

Spring has sprung and the bunny is on his way! A special Easter edition photo set is now out at ~La Petite Morte~ in time  to dye your eggs! Hop on down to get yours today!

Price: 500L$

Prims: 34

Texture Change: Yes (3 colors for the walls, two for the curtains and invisible option available for everything except the table, the chairs and the small accessories)


~La Petite Morte~ Easter 2010 Photo Set

Also, don’t forget to join the group if you aren’t already part of it, as a special group gift will be sent and there’s no history. To join, simply click the subscriber at the store.

TP: ~La Petite Morte~


2 thoughts on “~La Petite Morte~ Special Easter Release

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