Designers United 4

Over 80 creators have come together to design exclusively for this event under one theme. The theme is Narcissus, both the flower and the greek myth. I had the opportunity to be included in this amazing event, along with talented SL creators.

La Petite Morte will be offering 3 creations:

First up is the Narcissus Photo Set, which was inspired directly from the Narcissus myth. It features a wading pool, and tall grass, with an optional pose. It has 33 prims and is 300L.

Narcissus Photo Set for DU4 ADa

Next are cute daffodil yellow flats with a cute white ribbon adorning the heel for just 75L.

~La Petite Morte~ Daffodil Flats for DU4 AD

And last but not least “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” tattoo available on all layers, with an optional daffodil on the shoulder. Tintable for just 50L.

~La Petite Morte~ Beauty Tattoo AD for DU4

Available only for a limited time, so be sure to get yours today!


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