Fit to be Tied Gloves Released!

La Petite Morte is pleased to release their “Fit to be Tied” Gloves! Solid colored gloves topped with a giant bow, make your hands a statement. Offered in 9 different colors, one pair is only 50L! The fatpack is 350L, which means you get 2 pairs of gloves free, and are able to mix and match the base gloves with the bows! See ad for illustration.

LPM Fit to be Tied Gloves AD
Gloves worn-Black with Red bows


Also for those that missed it, I have released my Bowed Flats in a variety of colors! They come in White, Blue, Gray, Green, Light Pink, Pink, and Purple. The fatpack is 450L. Bright tones with a cute bow on the heel, these are perfect casual/girly shoes!

LPM Bowed Flats AD



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