Pre-Release Teaser Skin for only 250L and much more!

A new skin is coming to La Petite Morte, and with the Vintage Fair around the corner, a special pre-release is available for a discounted price!

LPM Silent Screen Star Skin AD

The Silent Screen Star brings back memories of an era gone by, of Marlene Dietrich, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo and many other beautiful and talented leading ladies.

Only 250L, for a limited time, available both at the mainstore and Vintage Fair! (opening on Nov 11th)

**Marlene Shape is only available at the Vintage Fair which opens on the 11th**


Has there ever been the perfect skin, but the eyebrows just don’t meet your standards or hair color? Well now they can! The eyebrow remover tattoo removes your brows for you, so you may go for the brow-less look or add your own brows!

(not compatible with ALL skins)

Only 10L!


The 1920s was a time of freedom from many social constraints for women, smoking in public being one of them. It became a glamourous past time, to smoke while sitting in a speak easy drinking your boot-legged gin listening to the new music sweeping the nation, Jazz. La Petite Morte gives you the glamour of that bygone time, without all the health implications it causes in real life!

5 poses, long cigarette, and exhaled breath, for just 100L or 25L a pose.

La Petite Morte


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