New Vampire Prim Teeth and the FTLO Millennium Hunt

La Petite Morte is pleased to release Vampire Prim Teeth! Inspired by PXL’s teeth, special vampire teeth have been created for those that like the parted lips look and are able to show off those pearly fangs!

Mod and Copy, they are only 50L!

LPM Vamp teeth AD

*not good for side photography*

Taxi to La Petite Morte

Also La Petite Morte is participating in the Millennium Hunt, where you look for a vendor that has been marked down to 1L. You get the item that has been marked down PLUS the hunt prize!

Hint: Diamonds are a diva’s best friend!

The 5 winners of the Vampire Prim Teeth release are:
Abby Delvalle
Adrienne Riler
didier Piers
Eve Swenholt
PrincessMichiru Amaterasu

If your name is listed up there, please send me a notecard with your name, and I will send you your teeth!

In order to be eligible to win a new release from La Petite Morte, you must be a member of the LPM group, which you can join at the mainstore.

La Petite Morte


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