New Elisa Skinline


Elisa is the newest skin released from La Petite Morte. With a sweet face and coming in 4 different tones, each makeup includes 3 different freckles on tattoo layers, so you may mix and match.

Each makeup is 500L, tone fatpack 1500L and the megapack with EVERYTHING is 2500L. The Elisa shape is only 250L.

Be sure to stop by and try a demo!

La Petite Morte
The 5 winners of a tone fatpack are:
Sweetly Muggins
Starchild Renoir
BrujaMerlina Brandi
PacificBlue Hanly
Nubeszar Karas

If your name is listed up there, please send me a notecard with your name, and which tone fatpack you’d like, I’ll be sure to sendit off right away!

In order to be eligible to win a new release from La Petite Morte, you must be a member of the LPM group, which you can join at the mainstore.


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