New Porcelain Skintone for the Elisa Skin Line.


A new skin tone and makeups are now available at La Petite Morte’s mainstore.

Made with porcelain dolls in mind, this special tone is a blend of pinks, grays, and blues. Included in each pack is a bjd tattoo, so complete the “doll-like” appearance if you so wish.

Each makeup is 500L, with the fatpack of all 5 makeups only 1500L.

La Petite Morte

Also don’t forget about the special 50L Valentine’s Day skin, available for only a few more days! Be sure to pick it up when you go and try the demos for the new skin tone!


La Petite Morte

The 5 winners for this release are:

bibelot Aya
Delicious Dollinger
xMysticSoulx Fallen
Scarlettlillie Resident
Katarina Rejkus

If your name is listed here, please send me a notecard with your name and you’ll receive the fatpack!

In order to be eligible to win a new release, you must be a member of the La Petite Morte update group, which you can join at the mainstore.

Past releases:

Special Mardi Gras skins only 100L each.


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