Huge Release & Contest from La Petite Morte!


La Petite Morte‘s newest line is finally out, Francesca! 5 different tones, including a very pale, and dark tan tone! Each has 5 makeups available, except for Ghost which has a 6th, a limited edition for a new satellite store at Epitaph sim! Each skin comes with a brow/no brow option, and tintable freckles! Also available is a cleavage layer (tattoo layer) for an additional 50L per skin tone.

Each Makeup in One Tone is 500L
Tone Fatpack is 1500L
Megapack (includes ALL tones) 2500L

La Petite Morte Mainstore

francesca ad-heb excl

The limited edition makeup is ONLY available at Epitaph, Hebenon Vial’s new shopping sim! Only 100L for a limited time.

La Petite Morte at Epitaph

LPM Photography Contest

Now onto the Photography Contest!

Have you ever wanted to see your photography hanging in a shop with everyone knowing it was done by you? Now is your chance! La Petite Morte is hosting a photography contest! This contest is all about the composition and feel of a photograph while showcasing a La Petite Morte skin. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The contest is open to anyone. Runs March 3rd through the 24th, with winners announced by the 30th. BE CREATIVE!

How to participate:

-Take your photo wearing a skin from La Petite Morte (at least 1 person must be wearing an LPM skin, with it being prominent)
-Post picture to Flickr group “La Petite Morte“ (YOU must be the photographer of the photo)
-Tag the photo “lapetitemortecontest” (if it’s not tagged properly it will be ineligible)
-State in the description of the photo what skin you are wearing and a working slurl to shop, as well as your full SL name
-Photoshop and post manipulation of photo IS encouraged

-Only 2 photos will be accepted (submit any more and only the first two will be considered).
-No adult rated photos will be accepted
-The pictures will be showcased in world at La Petite Morte’s mainstore with full accreditation, (not limited to only the winners).

By submitting your photo to the contest, you are agreeing with these terms.


March 3rd-24th submissions

March 30th winners announced


1st Place:

Megapack of all 3 skin lines
Photo featured prominently in store

2nd Place:
Megapack of 1 skin line
Photo featured in store

3rd Place:
Fatpack of 1 skin tone
Photo featured in store


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