Pay My Bills Sale-Entire Store 50% Off!

Pay My Bills Sale sign

June 30th-July 5th

Long story short (will explain further down for those interested), I am needing money fast to pay my bills! So I have marked everything, and I mean EVERYTHING down in my down 50% off.

Yes, you heard right, everything in my store is now half price for the next week.

Skins now 250L
Pose packs 50L
Poses 13L
Makeups between 25-50L and more!

I hope you find something to your liking, and if not, thanks for taking a look!

La Petite Morte Mainstore

Now for the long story for anyone interested. >.< My boyfriend has a job where he needs to drive from site to site each day accumulating over 60 miles. Our latest car (long story) broke down, and we didn't have the money to fix it. So…..we sold it for scrap. My parents, the wonderful people that they are, gave us another $500 to help us look for a new car. We had 3 days to find one, with a total of $1000. The next day my boyfriend comes home with a promissory note from a seller of a truck that was $500 out of budget (not including licensing, DEQ, replacing the clutch, muffle, etc fees on top of that). I was livid. However the deed was done. I asked my boyfriend how he was able to buy a truck that we didn't even have the extra 500 upfront to pay. He told me that he had asked for a pay advance on his check. Needless to say this began our downward spiral. We are now currently in the whole payday loan cycle (in order to cover OTHER household bills we had to get a payday loan), short on rent, AND have more bills to pay. We will be going to the pawn shop to try to pawn our more 'valuable' items in the hopes to make rent. But there are still bills that are past due that need to be paid and the payday loan and gas. So! My sale. Sorry it's so long winded but if you've read this far <333 thank you.

(trust me my boyfriend has been in the doghouse for a couple months now)

❤ Voshie.


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