La Petite Morte for Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair is always a great time to think out of the box as a designer and this year I have chosen the Edwardian Era as my focus. Spanning 1900-1920, this era saw a great many changes in the United States and world. Vintage Fair

The Suffragette movement was going strong, when finally in the states women were granted the right to vote in 1920, shortly before the presidential election.

In 1912, one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking disasters occurred: the sinking of the majestic Titanic.

In fashion, in the beginning women’s fashion had a more streamlined, more practical appearance, whereas the hemlines began to rise towards the end of the Edwardian period; the corset, after many centuries, slowly became unfashionable; and the rise of haute couture.

In entertainment, the first silent movie, The Great Train Robbery, in 1903.

The Model-T is introduced by Ford in 1908.

In world politics we saw the fall of the Russian Empire and the rise of the USSR, the first world war, the Spanish Influenza, the end of Queen Victoria’s reign, the Chinese Revolution, and much more.

I have created 3 items for this event, 2 skins and 1 pose set.


Camille is named after Camille Clifford, the unofficial face of the “Gibson Girl”. Heavy lids, defined nose, heavy brows and an hourglass figure, Camille was considered the ideal beauty of her generation.


Kalika is Greek for Rosebud, which hearkens back to Rose from the Titanic movie. A delicate beauty with dimples, Kalika, is available in 3 tones.

Both skins are 699L each and shapes 500L each.


The Clifford pose set is based on Camille Clifford’s modelling. Because of the restraint of the corset, posing was much more formal and stiff. One of Camille’s “signature” marks was the tilting of her head to elongate her neck.

The pose set includes 5 poses for 100L.


I’ve also included a slightly updated version of my silent film star skin from last vintage fair for a special price of 100L per tone. Available in 3 skin tones, one of them being a gray tone for those that love the idea of being a living black and white avatar!

La Petite Morte at Vintage Fair


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