Special Edition Skin for Alli for 100L

This is gonna be a bit wordy but please bear with me.

I’m sure you are asking who Alli is, let me introduce you to her.

for alli

Alli (short for Alligator) is our beloved kitty. She’s a lil hellion but when she’s in the mood to give lovings, there’s no one better than she is. She’s always been a daddy’s girl, and in fact picked out my boyfriend when we had gone to visit the Humane Society. We had gone JUST to look (according to bf), and what happens? He ends up falling in love. She was already on hold for someone else but it was destiny that my boyfriend and Alli were to be together. We were next on the list for her, and as soon as the adoption fell through we ran to get her. It was a big adjustment for our (MY) kitty to accept the new little one, but eventually her tolerance gave way to a friendship. Although Drake is still a bitch, Alli knows just how to get Drake and they love to have their play times.

Recently my boyfriend and I made a major move, we moved 3000 miles in order to be closer to my mom. The drive (yeeees we drove a truck down with 2 cats!) was difficult, but we finally arrived to our new home. The cats settled in right away, almost demanding to go outside within 10 min of arrival. Alli is a very independent cat, and does not tolerate attention when she doesn’t want it. However, 2 days ago she comes home and right away we notice something isn’t right. She isn’t her usual energetic self and wasn’t that interested in her food. She went to lay on down on our bed and didn’t move from there for over 24 hours. We became frantic. We knew something was wrong but we didn’t know what. I started calling around to different vets to try to find someone who was somewhat reasonable. (Due to the move and the new job not started yet money is VERY tight). Finally I found someone who was close by and although it was an emergency and we had to pay an emergency price, we felt it was worth it, as our cats are our children. When we got there it turns out Alli was running a 104 degree (F) temperature and was obviously very sick. But in order to just get the basics done to test what was wrong with our Alli, it would run us around 600 dollars. We just didn’t have that amount. Unfortunately we had to go with the bare minimum of one shot and water under the skin treatment, which still cost us 300 dollars. We walked out of there frustrated not only because we couldn’t afford to find out what was wrong with our Alli goobers, but the vet talked down to us due to the fact we couldn’t pay for everything. They didn’t accept a payment plan and were unwilling to work with us at all. We just crossed our fingers and toes hoping that the general antibiotic would help.

As soon as we got home, Alli went under the couch to hide. I was hysterical, because we’ve all been told when an animal wants to be alone means. We left her alone for a couple hours and then peeked on her to check how she was doing. She came out from under the couch but something else was wrong. She couldn’t walk on her back legs. She was falling over and had absolutely no balance. We carried her back to our bed and that’s where she’s been since. She is obviously in a lot of pain, and is refusing food and water. Every couple hours I will take a small syringe (no needle of course) and shoot a small amount of water into her mouth to try to keep her from becoming completely dehydrated. I have called around to every vet I could find in our area to see if they would work with us, and accept a payment plan. It was like hitting a brick wall. The few that did have a ‘payment plan’ was through creditcare, which is basically a credit card for medical expenses. Needless to say, we were declined.

As a last resort I called the Humane Society hoping they’d know of a vet that would be willing to work out something. Fortunately there is someone. They do payment plans, which will be worked out after the initial exam, but half of it must be covered up front. We are completely broke. We have enough money to cover our rent for this coming month and that’s it. The money has run out. I have no idea what the final cost will be, but we are doing whatever it takes to make sure our Alli gets the treatment she needs. One of these things that I am doing is having a special edition skin available based on the popular Wixson for 100L and a special Cat Face Tattoo for 10L. If you like the skin and/or tattoo and purchase it, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. If it isn’t to your liking? Thank you…again from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this. It really means a lot.

❤ Voshie



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21 thoughts on “Special Edition Skin for Alli for 100L

  1. Hallo Voshie
    Das tut mir sehr leid für deine Katze,ich hoffe du bekommst genug Geld zusammen um Alli helfen zu können.Ich wünsche dir viel Glück und alles Gute für deine Katze Alli .

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  5. Will get there ASAP, Voshie. As soon as I log today your shop will be the first I go to.

    Please skip these next paragraphs if reading of another’s struggles with furry family members is too much right now. I know your are fighting for your lovie’s life.

    My heart is with you all. ❤


    At one point our small family had 2 dogs and 2 cats. We are now down to 1 cat. Q is 17 years old and my son's first love. All 3 of us adore her and do all to keep her comfy and extend her life being that she has chronic renal failure, heart disease and arthritis. She is on 2 different meds, an extra for those off days, a renal diet that we supplement with other foods to keep her weight on, sub-Q fluids twice daily, and monthly therapy of acupuncture, cold laser therapy, massage and obstacle courses. We watch for signs of pain and work to keep weight on her, and hope that when her time comes it is on her own terms and that we do not have to make it for her like we did for all of her other furry siblings.

    Our other cat, Bunny, we had to euthanize last fall. Her illness was serious and her last 24 hours were heartbreaking. It all happened so swiftly, in a matter of days, and we knew she shouldn't suffer one more minute. She was our Missy Pissy, our jealous princess. Q is our love and Bunny was our fighter. She wasn't ready to go, I know she wasn't, but she knew she was dying and it was a miserable death if we let it happen on its own.

    Before that was our dog, Katana, who was a cancer surviver (had a 2lb tumor removed from her liver, as well as one lobe of her liver) and went onto to live another 6 years before dementia and seizures told us it was her time as well. She is the dog in my 1st life profile. She was our muppet dog and everyone who met her loved her. Her name ought to have been something like Rosco, Fizzgig or Sasquatch. She wasn't a swift, sharp blade but a wad of lovable fur with teeth. 🙂

    The first we lost, Siri (sirius, the dog star,) was such a huge lesson to learn. I grew up on a small farm and never had a senior furry family member. They all died early due to living life on a farm surrounded by pesticide-laden fields and highways with fast moving vehicles, not to mention a father who was obsessed with trading every living thing we had. Heck, he would have traded me off if he could. Siri's life lingered on much longer than it ought to have. I swore that I would never allow things to get to that again but always hoped they died quietly and peacefully on their own. Siri caused a number of people to seek out Australian Shepherds to add to their family. She was the most human-like of our non-humans.


    • Thank you for sharing your story Sylvan, I’m so sorry that you have had to go through losing so many of your loved babies. I am very thankful ❤

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