Alli Update

I wanted to give you all the good news regarding Alli. She is responding well to the medication and is acting much like her old self. She is eating, drinking and walking around… whining b/c she’s not allowed out and she is bored. She will still have to go in to the vet’s to make sure that everything is ok, but we are very hopeful considering the recovery we are seeing. Because of all of you, well wishers and people who have felt in their heart to donate, 50% of Alli’s medical costs are covered. Thank you all so so very much. Without you all I truly don’t believe we could have gotten her on the road to recovery as quickly and (relatively) painlessly. Now it’s challenge everyday to continue giving her the medicine every day, but we welcome this challenge as it means our lil spitfire is doing much better. We won’t know until we go to vet’s exactly what we were dealing with, but we are hoping this isn’t an indication of a life long illness which was first suggested to us.

While we are relieved to see such a turnaround with Alli, we have discovered that our other kitty Drake is now sick. She is displaying similar symptoms as Alli, but is also vomiting. This leads me to believe that what Alli has was a virus rather than an illness, or something that we all hope not, that something was given to our cats to make them ill. So in light of this, we will be also taking Drake into the vet’s to see if this is related to Alli, and to get her onto the road of recovery.

Again I want to thank you all for everything. Every IM, email, comment, linden, and cent has meant the world to us. It proves my faith in people that we DO care about what happens to one another and are willing to give help and encouragement, and that animals are a very important part of our lives.

<33 Voshie


One thought on “Alli Update

  1. Hallo Voshie ich bin so froh zu hören dass es Alli wieder besser geht und ich hoffe dass Drake auch bald wieder auf den Beinen ist und wie du bereits erwähnt hast,Tiere sind ein sehr wichtiger Teil unseres Lebens. dem kann ich nur zustimmen.
    Ohne unsere Tiere wäre das Leben nur halb so schön.
    Ich wönsche Euch alles Gute 🙂
    Liebe Grüsse

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