La Petite Morte has Re-Opened!

La Petite Morte has undergone a complete remodel, along with a new reward system. Redeliveries and gifting are also possible directly from the shop. 11 skin lines are available…. some of them completely new and others were from special events that were finally made into a full line. Also available are the tango and lush appliers for ALL skins. Taxi to La Petite Morte

2 VIP group member gifts are available.



More details regarding the reward point system:

Bronze level is at 1500L and once achieved will start earning 5% of the purchase.
Silver is at 2500L and 7%
Gold is at 5000L and 10%

While VIP group members will receive 10% reward points in addition to ALL levels, even if bronze level hasn’t been attained.

Reward points count towards a future purchase in store made with these points.

In the near future, slink hands and feet appliers will be available.


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