LPM for Enchantment

It’s that time again, Enchantment has begun, and La Petite Morte has the pleasure of taking part. Like the CSR days of old, you go shopping at the 20 participating shops, and buy from specially marked vendors. In those purchases you receive a stamp card, which you in turn wear and visit all the shops to collect all 20 stamps in order to fill your card. Once your card is full, you may redeem it for any one of the prizes available.

For a better and more complete explanation please visit the Enchantment website.

Now on to the good stuff!

Bluebeard is the tale and blood, and murder are the name of the game.

LPM has 3 options for you in which you may obtain your stamp card.

The Misery Eye set was created to speak of the pain and suffering that goes on behind closed doors. Your choice of 9 different colors, or a fatpack, each one comes with 2 different tear tattoo layers.

Next is the special Bluebeard edition skin, based on the new India skin line. It was inspired by the last wife having just walked through the forbidden door and finding the bodies of her predecessors hanging. Pale, dark rims, optional blood layers, perfect for role players or those just seeking a different look.

Since blood and guts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, the full line of India has also been released. Available in 8 tones, cleavage and brow-less option, you are bound to find your perfect fit!

And finally, the prize! The “If you love me” set consists of 3 tattoo options, a slit throat, hook wound layer and of course the hook itself. Obviously based on the dead wives found, this is NOT a pose prop. The tattoo comes on the back and chest say: If you love me, never ever use, next to a bloody key, and the 3rd option for the tattoo is the bloody key placed on the inner wrists. The tattoo is also has options for slink body parts and lolas.

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