Gift Giving & Store Credit

Two very important pieces of La Petite Morte news for you today!

First, with the holidays upon us, if you would like to give the gift of something from La Petite Morte this season, you can now do so! Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Pick the item you’d like to send. Write the name of the item in a notecard titled “LPM Gift Request [Your Name].”

2. Pay Voshie Paine directly the amount of the item. DO NOT BUY THE ITEM. Items are no transfer and you will need to purchase it again to send it as a gift if you buy it yourself.

3. Copy your transaction history into the notecard. Be sure to include the user name – NOT a display name – of the person to whom you’d the gift sent. Once, completed, send the NC directly to Voshie Paine.

All gifts will be sent within 24 hours of request, and you will be notified when the gift has been sent. In the event that you do not receive confirmation, please resend your NC.

PLEASE NOTE: Gachas and appliers cannot be given as gifts. All other items in the Mainstore are giftable. Gachas are, of course, transferable, and can be played and shared as gifts in that way.

Second, if you have store credit, you MUST use it by December 31, 2014 or you will lose it. In January, La Petite Morte will be changing to a new vendor system, and this change will result in all store credit being lost. So make sure that if you have credit, you take advantage of it before that time.

If you have any questions, either about gift giving or store credit expiration, please contact Voshie Paine for further information.

Finally, La Petite Morte is happy to announce a new satellite store, located on the Essences sim. You may now shop there or at the Mainstore!

􀀃LPM Mainstore

LPM @ Essences

􀀅Happy Holidays!


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