La Petite Morte is a shop in Second Life, offering a small but diverse selection of skins, shapes, photo sets, poses, eye jewelry, and other random things that Voshie takes into her head to make.

La Petite Morte

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Voshie, Rae Shyne & I are thrilled and utterly delighted to hear the good news on both yer gurrrrrls, lol!!! So happy to hear that things are turning round–yayayayayayayayay!!!! …you all deserve the absolute BEST!!!

    Heartfelt congratulations on your lovely new home & wonderful new life, too!!!

    Best–Rayne Boleyn & Rae Shyne Boleyn (Rayne and Shyne) : )))))) ps…give the gurrls tummy rubs & ear scritches for us, lol!!! & if yer ever in our neighborhood, give us a holler, as we’d be honored to show you round our stomping grounds!!! : 0

  2. Voshie, been trying to contact you since November/December. Please contact me in world! I have a request and an offer to make you. 😀
    ~ Sirene Firehawk

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