La Petite Morte @ Body Mod Expo



La Petite Morte adds to their growing collection of Lelutka and Genesis Lab appliers with the next in line, Maja! Currently available at the Body Modification Expo for 50% off.

La Petite Morte @ Body Mod Expo

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News for June 21st


Genre has opened and with that the Arabian round. La Petite Morte is offering 3 shimmering eyeshadows and 2 eyeliners for 75L.




It’s Bali at The Liaison Collaborative and LPM has 2 special editions of Mellie available. One in tone 4 and the other in tone 5, for only 200L each.

The Boutique

Don’t forget! Previous Releases for June are listed here!

La Petite Morte June 6th News



We ❤ RP is now open and La Petite Morte is offering 2 fantasy skins. Inspired by the RL artist Enayla (Linda Berkqvist), Steel and Diamond each come with phat azz, ghetto booty, slink, baby bump and tango appliers all for 400L.

We ❤ RP

Don’t forget about the Vintage Gacha Fair! More information can be found here.

Vintage Gacha Event

A vintage gacha event will be held over the summer for those of you that missed out on previous items.

La Petite Morte has brought back 4 of their previous gachas, including one that will be retired after the event.

Taxi to the Vintage Gacha Event

Fantasy Quinn has been marked down to just 30L a play with appliers available seperately for 25L each.





New from LPM

La Petite Morte has finished remodelling their shop! All old skins and poses have been retired to the marketplace and now you will find only the latest skin lines and their respective appliers at the shop.


To celebrate this re-opening, LPM introduces a new skin line: Belle. Available in 8 tones, each tone comes with a no brow version.

La Petite Morte

Also a new group gift is available to the VIP members! A special edition of Belle. So if you haven’t already, drop by and pick it up today.


Sponsoring Bloggers

It has become the trend with quite a few bloggers lately to claim to be “sponsored” by a designer in order to prove their value in the blogging world. As a designer and a (sometime) blogger, I look at this trend with mixed feelings. As a blogger, I understand the drive and need to feel validated and can somewhat see how this trend came about however as a designer it is something I want to steer far away from. My main reason being is that when you agree to sponsor someone or something, then you are in effect ‘hiring’ this person to represent your brand, while lending your own reputation to help promote this person/event. This means in the big picture of things in this situation, that whatever this blogger decides to promote or share (be that an opinion piece or LOTD) is something you wholeheartedly back and are willing to stake your own reputation on it. From my own standpoint, I don’t know these people well enough to risk my own reputation that I have worked very hard to build in something like this. It also goes the other way, a sponsorship implies there’s a mutual exchange of some sort, be that cash, review copies, in exchange for promotion. A sponsor could come to said blogger and request them to take down something they personally do not approve of, with the threat of revoking sponsorship …. which causes the blogger to be beholden to the sponsor. There are many more reasons I could give about sponsoring a blog, but this is my own personal reason why I will not sponsor a blog and will immediately turn down any offers of this kind.

This is not to say that I do not support bloggers. Far from it. I love bloggers and I love the fact that people want to express themselves through this medium. If a blogger strikes my fancy, I will gladly and freely invite them to my blogger’s list. (yes I do have rules for that, as I am a business after all) But I also won’t tell the blogger what they can and can not blog and I will not be held liable for said blogger’s actions either.

I encourage you to rethink this whole concept of sponsoring if you are a blogger who actively uses this system. As long as you keep evolving your craft, you are good enough to stand on your own 2 feet and people WILL notice… YOU, not your sponsors.

Latest On Alli

Hey all! I know I’ve been quiet on the Alli front this past week, but here I am to give you the latest!

In a nutshell Alli is doing great. She is back to her naughty self and is running around getting into trouble. Because of everyone’s support we have been able to cover 75% of the vet bills. Fortunately we get our first pay check this weekend so God willing things will be on the right track again. We weren’t able to go in to last week’s appointment with Drake (who is also doing better after we gave her some of Alli’s leftover antibiotic) as we didn’t have enough to pay the initial payment fee at the time, but this coming week everything will be all good and both the babies are going in next weekend for a checkup and to get their shots updated. Thank you to each and every one of you for your kind words to me and my Alli and also your financial support. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to get the treatment that was needed. This weekend will be the last weekend you can get the items that are out to help raise money to cover vet bills.

Again thank you all for your generosity <333333
Voshie Paine

Alli Update

I wanted to give you all the good news regarding Alli. She is responding well to the medication and is acting much like her old self. She is eating, drinking and walking around… whining b/c she’s not allowed out and she is bored. She will still have to go in to the vet’s to make sure that everything is ok, but we are very hopeful considering the recovery we are seeing. Because of all of you, well wishers and people who have felt in their heart to donate, 50% of Alli’s medical costs are covered. Thank you all so so very much. Without you all I truly don’t believe we could have gotten her on the road to recovery as quickly and (relatively) painlessly. Now it’s challenge everyday to continue giving her the medicine every day, but we welcome this challenge as it means our lil spitfire is doing much better. We won’t know until we go to vet’s exactly what we were dealing with, but we are hoping this isn’t an indication of a life long illness which was first suggested to us.

While we are relieved to see such a turnaround with Alli, we have discovered that our other kitty Drake is now sick. She is displaying similar symptoms as Alli, but is also vomiting. This leads me to believe that what Alli has was a virus rather than an illness, or something that we all hope not, that something was given to our cats to make them ill. So in light of this, we will be also taking Drake into the vet’s to see if this is related to Alli, and to get her onto the road of recovery.

Again I want to thank you all for everything. Every IM, email, comment, linden, and cent has meant the world to us. It proves my faith in people that we DO care about what happens to one another and are willing to give help and encouragement, and that animals are a very important part of our lives.

<33 Voshie

Quick Alli update

I wanted to first thank everyone with my whole heart for the outpouring of support and love I have received since posting my story regarding Alli. We just got back from the vet, and wanted to give a brief update of what was shared.

First off I would like to say this vet that we visited was a complete turn around compared to the vet we saw on Monday. Not only were they anxious to see what was ailing Alli but they also took time to try to work out a cost effective plan for us while still getting the treatment Alli needs. The first test we had done was the Feline Aids and Leukemia test to rule that out as a possibility given the symptoms she’s displaying. Next we had a full blood work done and the last was to be an x-ray if it was needed to determine the problem of her hips. The results back on the blood work was both good and bad. Good in the fact that her blood cells were at great numbers. However…. there were some concerns on some of the other items. I am not a vet and so don’t know if I’m using the correct terminology but I’ll do my best. The biggest concerns were her liver and globin levels. From what I understand they are at borderline levels of either being fatty liver disease or F.I.P. Either of those prognosis’ are bad. IF it’s the fatty liver problem and we catch it before it decreases any further and sets in, we have a good chance…but if we haven’t/don’t then unfortunately there’s no treatment available to fight it. F.I.P. also has pretty much the same prognosis. It’s unknown what causes F.I.P. and you aren’t able to determine 100% if a cat suffers from F.I.P. until it is too late and they perform an autopsy. Unfortunately again there’s no treatment or cure for F.I.P. This is what I have gleaned from the vet, which I will be doing my own research about these 2 conditions to learn more about them.

Alli has been given a steroid (will help with the pain), an IV which we have to administer daily to keep her fluid levels up, an appetite stimulator, antibiotics and some other thing that I can’t remember off the top of my head at the moment. They thankfully gave her this day’s dosage and already we see a difference. She was able to stand somewhat and walked tentatively to the water dish and drank, and ate 1 kibble. She’s acting more alert than she has in the past couple days. This treatment is to continue over the next 4-5 days at which point we have to go back for another checkup. If there isn’t significant improvement we will be referred to an internal specialist who will take it from there. If there’s a noticeable improvement, then they will continue on with the treatment cycle and retest her to see if her liver and globin levels have changed…so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Again thank you so much for all your kind words and support, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to have do(ne) this without you all.