La Petite Morte’s Retirement Sale

retirement sale

La Petite Morte is retiring all their skin lines in time for the upcoming Skin Fair. What this means to you is that the entire store is 75% off*, this includes all skins, appliers, and poses. Previous event skins have also been brought out for this sale. Skins are as low as 50L and pose packs 31L. If you ever wanted a LPM skin, now is the time to get them at these discounted prices!

Sale ends March 15th.

*excludes accessories & gachas

La Petite Morte

Boxing Day Sale

boxing day

La Petite Morte is having a Boxing Day Sale, with everything marked 50% off. This means all skins/appliers/fatpacks/pose packs etc are marked 50% off. Skins are as low as 349L and pose packs as low as 50L!

Lasting from now till 12:01 AM on the 27th, now is the time to come check La Petite Morte!

(excludes gachas and single poses)

La Petite Morte Mainstore

La Petite Morte for Love Donna Flora

One of the greatest facets of Second Life is how the many interest groups develop a sense of community, an international family of interest and enthusiasm. Never is that more present than when one of our own needs our help. Right now, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora needs the support and encouragement of our community.

She has cancer. Breast cancer has metastasized to the bone and invaded her spine. She rallied last summer and had a exciting and hopeful remission. But the cancer had only waned and now is back. She is no longer strong enough to create her wonderful jewels and dresses. In fact, she has not been in SL much at all as it is too taxing. She is now dependent on home nursing and has placed her hope in alternative treatment options that are not covered by her national health insurance.

Many people have come together to help raise funds to help cover the cost of her expenses. The Love Donna Flora event runs from July 25th through August 11th.

So many designers joined to help and celebrate one of us, it’s a beautiful show of love.

La Petite Morte @ Love Donna Flora

(double tp and you’ll land right in front of the stall)

La Petite Morte is offering a classic beauty shape for 100L with 100% of the proceeds going to Squinternet.


A special DF jewellery pose set with 5 unique poses and their mirros for 200L with 50% donation.


And finally 4 past Genre skins re-released specially for the event, ranging from 250-300L with 75% of the proceeds donated.





La Petite Morte has Re-Opened!

La Petite Morte has undergone a complete remodel, along with a new reward system. Redeliveries and gifting are also possible directly from the shop. 11 skin lines are available…. some of them completely new and others were from special events that were finally made into a full line. Also available are the tango and lush appliers for ALL skins. Taxi to La Petite Morte

2 VIP group member gifts are available.



More details regarding the reward point system:

Bronze level is at 1500L and once achieved will start earning 5% of the purchase.
Silver is at 2500L and 7%
Gold is at 5000L and 10%

While VIP group members will receive 10% reward points in addition to ALL levels, even if bronze level hasn’t been attained.

Reward points count towards a future purchase in store made with these points.

In the near future, slink hands and feet appliers will be available.

New Rock Star Pose Prop from La Petite Morte!


A special guitar pose prop is now available at the Soho Sample Sale for 169L. It includes 5 wearable poses, along with 5 standalone poses and a guitar to rezz so you may photograph others as well! The guitar is mesh, so will need a mesh enabled viewer.

La Petite Morte @ Soho Sample Sale

Holiday time at La Petite Morte

Lots of stuff going on at La Petite Morte, all in time for the holidays!

First up: LOLA TANGO APPLIERS! Yes you heard it, La Petite Morte has made some appliers to go with those beautiful breasts for their latest Birgit skin. 100L per skin tone, which includes the applier and an underboob shadow layer.

.la petite morte. birgit tango appliers

*this is NOT the breasts, you must purchase them separately*

La Petite Morte Mainstore

Next is a Winter Gatcha! Special winter inspired makeups have been made on the new birgit skin, and 2 of them have been marked RARE. (not telling you which ones though! ;p) Only 75L a play, and YES they are trans so you can swap with friends. (they are all tone 1 if you wanted to get an applier for your tangos!)


La Petite Morte Mainstore

La Petite Morte is also participating in 2 hunts! First one is the continuation of the WomenStuff hunt. I have swapped out my old hunt item for some new poses that are party themed!

The hint is: Strike a pose!

La Petite Morte Mainstore

The other hunt that we are participating is is the 3rd Annual With Love ❤ From… Hunt. Every hunt item is 10L, but with a minimum 400L value. For this one I made another special winter skin that I hope you all like. Careful though! This hunt doesn't officially start till 4pm SLT on Nov 30th. *whispers: however hers is already out* For more information regarding this hunt go to the Chic Management website.

For a pic of this hunt item click on this link to check it out!

Hint: If I had the space, this would be the place!

La Petite Morte Mainstore

Halloween Inspired Releases!

I have been remiss on keeping up on my releases, and so have combined 2 releases into 1 blog post!

LPM boo pose set AD

La Petite Morte is once again participating in Moody Monday, and this time round, a special pose prop celebrating the upcoming holiday has been released.

3 different poses, all for just 55L till Monday 23.59. Get them while you can for this incredible deal! Also a group gift will be sent out next week, so if you haven’t joined the group yet, now’s the time as there’s no history to catch it later!

lpm widow collection blood AD

LPM widow collection onyx ad

A very special release for this upcoming holiday. An ensemble that features a hat, made of roses, spiderwebs and jewels, with the theme following on through to the corset style collar and ring. You will cry tears of blood at the beauty of this collection!

Comes in either in Onyx or Blood.


1 color collection-175L
Fatpack -300L

La Petite Morte @ Pose Fair 2011!

Pose Fair has opened, and most of us find that we use poses for a variety of reasons. La Petite Morte has always been a lil bit different, and is offering a unique “Sweet Dreams” pose set, and a new photo set, “The Secret Garden”, which for the first time will include poses, and a new pose set “Red Carpet”.

Sweet Dreams is a set of 5 different poses on clouds. What else could be softer than a cloud to fall asleep upon?! All for just 100L!

vendor-sweet dreams pose pack

YES! FINALLY! A new photo set!

The Secret Garden is LPM’s newest photo set! Featuring a walled-in garden, with a rustic swing under a trellis. Also for the first time, this photo set features 5 different poses built in. Priced at 500L.

vendor-the secret garden

The final new release for the fair is my Red Carpet pose set. Delicate, natural poses perfect for those special
occasions! Offered singly for 25L or as a fatpack with all 8 poses for 125L!

vendor red carpet pose pack

Also I’ve re-released the popular butterfly pose pack that was available for the designer’s showcase, as well as the in your face, F*ck Off pose pack from Chic Limited. Available singly for 25L or as a pack for 100L. Both pose packs include all props.

f*ck off pose pack

Vendor-butterfly pose pack

Taxi to La Petite Morte

Better off without you. Anti Vday Items

.la petite morte. is participating in this month’s chic limited event, with the theme being anti valentine’s. Not all of us have a special someone to share that day with, and this event was created specifically for you!

.la petite morte. has created a unique look telling the people in your past what you truly think of them.

Warning: tattoo and poses are possibly offensive to some!

anti vday full ad

Anti Vday Makeup 50L
anti vday makeup ad

Clavical Piercing-gems are color changeable 150L
anti vday clavical ad

Hate tattoo (includes fuck off on the back) 75L
anti vday tattoo ad

5 pose pack (using rude hand gestures) 150L
anti vday pose pack ad

Mouth Note 5L
anti vday mouth note ad

Or you can purchase the whole pack in one go for just 400L!

Only available at:

Butterfly Pose Pack

La Petite Morte is please to announce that they are participating in the monthly event, “Designer Showcase”. Each month designers will be releasing new items, at very special prices of 100L and under.

For this month’s showcase I have created a butterfly pose pack. You get 5 poses, including butterfly attachments all for 100L.
LPM Butterfly Pose set AD

Only available at the designer showcase! Also be sure to check all the other designers’ work as it’s super cute!
Taxi to Designer Showcase