Lady Amalthea for Enchantment’s, “The Last Unicorn”

12.02.16 - Lady Amalthea Photo by Rainbow Mubble


La Petite Morte is participating in this round of Enchantment’s “The Last Unicorn”. Inspired by Lady Amalthea, LPM has created a skin with optional catwa and lelutka appliers. Comes with no brow/no star/cleavage options, and appliers for slink and maitreya bodies.

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The Wastelands for Genre


La Petite Morte is participating in this round of Genre’s Post Apoc with a special Wastelands inspired makeup. Only 50L, comes in black, brown and white which is tintable.


New Release from La Petite Morte and Lazy Sunday


La Petite Morte is participating in this month’s We ❤ RP. A special edition of Lindley is available for 400L.

We ❤ RP


This week for Lazy Sunday, LPM is offering 2 dress variations and a pair of ballet flats, all for 75L.

La Petite Morte Mainstore

New Vampire Prim Teeth and the FTLO Millennium Hunt

La Petite Morte is pleased to release Vampire Prim Teeth! Inspired by PXL’s teeth, special vampire teeth have been created for those that like the parted lips look and are able to show off those pearly fangs!

Mod and Copy, they are only 50L!

LPM Vamp teeth AD

*not good for side photography*

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Also La Petite Morte is participating in the Millennium Hunt, where you look for a vendor that has been marked down to 1L. You get the item that has been marked down PLUS the hunt prize!

Hint: Diamonds are a diva’s best friend!

The 5 winners of the Vampire Prim Teeth release are:
Abby Delvalle
Adrienne Riler
didier Piers
Eve Swenholt
PrincessMichiru Amaterasu

If your name is listed up there, please send me a notecard with your name, and I will send you your teeth!

In order to be eligible to win a new release from La Petite Morte, you must be a member of the LPM group, which you can join at the mainstore.

La Petite Morte

Magic is in the Air!

What person hasn’t dreamt at one time that magic exists in this world, and that they’d like to have magical abilities?

A new RP sim is opening up, called the Hogwarts: Your Story (open for 1 week-18:00 PM SLT – 9:00 AM SLT), based on the student life at Hogwarts. As a result La Petite Morte has a few things on offer to make your dream come true!

First up are the Ribbon Chokers. Instead of the usual tie around your neck, you can wear a sophisticated ribbon tied around your neck, with its ends trailing down your back. 50L for a pack of 2 colors or just 200L for all 8.

ribbon choker AD

Also La Petite Morte and BOTHER. came together for a collaboration project….WANDS!

BOTHER.Heritage Wands come in six basic versions and two limited edition. Included in the limited edition are extra wand poses created by La Petite Morte. They are perfect for the Harry Potter roleplay experience, but are all original designs.

BOTHER.Heritage Wands

Each wand is custom sculpted and hand textured to tell its own story and blend with your own. Click the images on the included HUD to activate the spells, 8 of which are included (from left to right, top to bottom):

* Light: A simple light emanating from the end of the wand that will illuminate the area around your avatar.
* Floating Light: A wisp of light that moves of its own accord around your avatar and lights as it goes.
* Flare Light: A bright flash of light.
* Disarm: A flashing blink to denote the spell.
* Dark: This spell will deactivate any light effects you are running.
* Total Darkness: This will deactivate the light effects of any other BOTHER.Heritage Wands within range, as well as your own.
* Firestorm: Burn your adversaries with a sudden flash of fire.
* Lightstorm: Attack your enemies with a burst of lightning.

bother.heritage wands vendor

BOTHER.Wands (Ancestor)

BOTHER.Wands (Nemesis)

Poses and sound effects are included. Poses are made by La Petite Morte.

10 copies of each Limited Edition wand (for a total of 30, just 30 on the grid!) are available at the BOTHER.Store, the Hogwarts Fair (open for 1 week-18:00 PM SLT – 9:00 AM SLT) and the La Petite Morte Mainstore. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

La Petite Morte
Hogwarts: Your Story